Our Stainless Steel Insulated Mug is perfect for an active lifestyle. The double-wall insulation and lid will ensure that your hot drinks remain hot and cold drinks stay cold all day long. Indulge in your favourite drink just the way you like it.

The double-wall insulation will not only keep your drinks hot but will also help to keep your drinks cool on a warm summer’s day. With a 600ml capacity, you can enjoy your favourite drink without the fear of it running out too quickly. The fun yet sleek design and selection of colours make this product a perfect gift for all the family. Not only does it look great, but you can be confident that its stainless steel construction is built to last.

Get the most from your Stainless Steel Bottle. Use it anywhere, from at home, where you can keep hydration within arm’s reach, or the office, where you can get much-needed refreshment throughout the day, all the way to the peaks of your latest hiking adventure, allowing you the revitalisation you deserve at any point on the trail. However you decide to use your beautiful and long-lasting steel mug, you can count on it to keep your drink hot or cold.

Take a look at our Insulated Steel Mugs, available in a compact 350ml capacity or a hearty 450ml capacity, for the perfect companion for your daily commute. Or perhaps you would like something to help you achieve your daily hydration goals; we recommend our Frosty Water Bottle with its H2O measurement markings to help keep your water intake on track.



Black, Orange, Blue, Pink


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