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Home and Travel

A large selection of home & travel accessories including insulated bottles, double-wall mugs, DIY tools, bottle openers, and more!

Dimension: W45 x D24 x H109

Code: DS011-1

Travel and Style

A large selection of popular travel & style accessories including fashion keychains, stylish watches, insulated bottles, mugs and more!

Dimension: W45 x D24 x H109

Code: DS011-2

Toy Planet

A large selection of fun, colourful toys for boys and girls including soft plush toys, car toys, motorbike toys, fun bottles & mugs and more!

Dimension: W45 x D24 x H109

Code: DS011-3

Neck Pillows

A selection of fruity super-soft neck pillows in a compact floor display that goes perfect next to one of the other Bases.

Dimensions (cm): W30 x D28.6 x H80

Code: DS016

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Fresh Collection

Four types of magnificent car air fresheners have been delicately created by our team of master perfumers and carefully poured into Mini Glass Bottles, Fresh Sprays, Scented Tins and Crystal Bags that are bursting with aromatic fragrances.

Dimensions (cm):  W40.6 x D23 x H50 .4

Code: DS015


Essential range of 75% Alcohol antibacterial products including Hand Sprays, Hand Gels and Sanitiser Wipes. Presented in two beautiful display options.

Dimensions (cm): W40 x D23 x H32

Code: DS012 & DS013

Promo Basket

A selection of fun plush toys or car toys presented in a   simple self-serve translucent display box.

Dimensions (cm): W39.5 x D25.2 x H22.7


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