Keep yourself healthy and hydrated, and do it with style. Our frosty semi-translucent water bottles come in three sleek colour variations. Which means that there is a style to suit the whole family. Not only does it look great but this water bottle is super practical and helpful in keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Measurements on the side of the bottle help you to keep track of your daily water intake.

The easy grip design and wrist strap attached to the lid of the bottle make it easy and convenient for you to transport your bottle. Great for use on your morning work out or even the trip to work. Our bottles are 100% BPA Free, meaning that there are no harmful chemicals released into your drink.

A large 500ml capacity means that you can keep well hydrated throughout the day. With leakproof precision you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink. Simply wrap the strap around your wrist and go about your day as usual. Whether this be your daily workout, keeping hydrated in the office or even at home.

The extra wide neck and screw top means easy filling and emptying of your bottle. Add ice cubes or something more adventurous like strawberries, cucumber, lemon or lime wedges to create a more flavoursome taste. It also ensures easy cleaning for reuse over and over again. 

Take a look at our biodegradable collection of bottles and mugs to contribute towards a healthy environment. Our Wheat Water Bottle, Wheat Mugs or Wheat Cat Mugs are beautiful additions to your selection of transportable and reusable mugs and bottles.


Blue, Black, Pink


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