Goodiz Fresh

Engulf your Home or Car with the beautiful aromas of our unique air fresheners.

Goodiz Fresh

A beautiful range of scents. This compact counter stand contains mini bottles, sprays, tins or blister bags. The perfect solution to keeping your home or car smelling delightful!

Goodiz Scented Mini Bottles

A stylish and unique glass bottle design containing the most beautiful scents for your home and car.

Goodiz Sprays

Our carefully created sprays eliminate odours and leave long lasting beautiful scents.

Goodiz Crystal Bags

Our beautiful little bags contain small perfume-enriched marbles that ooze with natural scents.

Goodiz Scented Tins

Experience the delicate aromatic scents gushing out of our Scented Tins that flow through your car or home. 

Goodiz Hanging Cards

Our unique card air fresheners not only look amazing but smell wonderful, too – immersing any vehicle with enriched natural fragrances.

Goodiz Mini Bottles

Five magnificent natural oil-based scents have been delicately created by our team of master perfumers, and carefully poured into beautiful Mini glass bottles that are bursting with powerful fragrances. 

The unique Mini bottles are presented in a compact and eye-catching display that easily fits on your store counter.

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