Our Steel Insulated Mug is the perfect companion for your daily commute. The double-wall insulation and lid will ensure that your drink remains hot whilst the easy grip handle gives you a firm hold without the fear of scolding your hands. Indulge in your favourite hot drink as it should be.

The double-wall insulation will not only keep your drinks hot but it will help to keep your drinks cool on a warm summers day. With 350ml capacity you can enjoy your favourite drink without the fear of it running out too quickly. The fun yet sleek design and range of colours makes this product a perfect gift for all of the family. Not only does it look great but our insulated mug is 100% BPA Free meaning you don’t need to worry about any harsh chemicals affecting your drink.

Get the most from your Steel Insulated Mug. Use it at home whilst doing jobs around the house to stop your morning cuppa from going cold. Take it with you on your long and repetitive daily commute to work. Use in the office for a well needed refreshment during your day. Or take it with you on your yearly camping trip with the family. However you decide to use your beautiful and long lasting steel mug, you can count on it to keep your drink hot or cold.

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Blue, Silver, Black


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