Racing Motorbike Toy


  • Realistic and detailed design
  • Functional kickstand so motorbike can stand without support
  • Fun rear back wheel suspension when motorbike is pushed down
  • Free wheels with rubber tyres
  • Adjustable steering control from left to right
  • Has a great sporty and racing design
  • Made of quality plastic parts
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • No battery required, endless fun
  • Collectable item and a fun toy for kids
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The ideal gift for a child who loves to kick up some dirt. Our selection of incredibly realistic racing motorbike toys can bring so much fun and joy to any child’s day. The bikes have a great sporty racing design to help your child’s creative imagination run wild!

Not only do they look great but with a functional kickstand the motorbike can stand without support which means they can be displayed between play sessions. Realistic, lifelike mechanisms such as rear back wheel suspension when the motorbike is pushed down add to the play time experience.

With rubber tyres and adjustable steering control from left to right your child will be occupied for hours on end. Made from quality plastic parts, this motorbike can be used inside or outside. No batteries required, which means hours worth of endless fun!

This product isn’t limited to the kids. To all the motorbike fanatics out there… the realistic, sporty design & lifelike features of this bike may make it a great addition to your collection.

We have a great range of toys for children of all ages. Take a look at our Fast and Furious Racing Egg Car Toy or perhaps some of our Plush Toy products such as our Plush Eyelash Animal Toys or Plush Wild Animal Toys.




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