Discover the innovative convenience of our Desk + Neck Wearing Fan, the perfect companion for cooling on the go or at the desk. This lightweight neck fan is the ideal solution for staying cool in the heat while you’re on the move. With its adjustable lanyard, you can be sure to wear it with comfort, allowing you to stay refreshed during hot days.

Effortlessly tackle the heat with 3-speed airflow adjustment, giving you the power to customise the intensity of the breeze to suit your comfort. Whether you need a gentle current of air or a more powerful breeze, this neck fan delivers. Its compact size means it sits comfortably around your neck, ready for when the heat hits while the built-in kickstand allows for targeted cooling.


Equipped with a USB rechargeable feature, it’s easy to ensure you remain cool on the go, ensuring you’re never left without a cool breeze . From outdoor adventures to daily commutes, this Desk + Neck Wearing Fan is your reliable partner, ensuring you remain cool in any situation all day.

Merging practicality with efficiency, this neck fan is an essential component of your daily comfort, offering the refreshing relief of cool air to effectively counter the discomfort of heatwaves. Designed to enhance your personal space, it ensures you remain cool and comfortable, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Keep this innovative neck fan within reach, transforming your personal space into a haven of cool tranquility.

Take a look at our 2-In-1 Mini Fan + Power Bank, the perfect compact 2-in-1 solution for charging and cooling, ideal for giving you battery confidence and portable cooling that slips right into your bag or pocket. Or perhaps you could benefit from the versatility of our 3-in-1 Mini Fan + Powerbank + Phone Holder, perfect for home or office, this compact charging and cooling powerhouse is sure to keep you refreshed in the heat and your battery topped up all day.


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